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Breathe the Forest

Our Cabin in the trees

Surrounded by Indigenous Knysna forest

Imagine muted colors, exquisite fabrics,and finishes, and natural wood elements combined with hand-chosen items of furniture and art, Bathrooms are pure perfection as is the kitchen with a bean-to-coffee machine, top-quality utensils, a gas-hob, and a steam oven. Chilly evenings are deliciously cozy with a wood-burning fireplace and mohair blankets. Summer evenings are spent on the verandah in. the shade of the beautiful forest that surrounds the home.  The quiet waters of the Knysna river below silently filling and emptying with the tides. This is a space where souls can sing.

Our home is the perfect holiday rental for those seeking a unique and tranquil experience. Nestled in the middle of an indigenous forest, our treehouse offers beautiful views of the surrounding nature from each window. With natural textiles and quality finishes, you'll have all the comforts of home while enjoying the beauty of nature. Our home provides the perfect balance of privacy and luxury.

Sunset from our deck
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